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Randy missed his daughter Hannah very much. He had been married to her mother Isabelle but now they were divorced. She had taken Hannah with her to live very far from there and now that was three years ago. Now having found the perfect plan Randy was ready to get his daughter back. He had given her tickets to see a concert with her friends but she couldn't tell her mom. Because while she was gone Randy would use a spell to become her and make Isabelle give Hannah back to him by saying he hated it here. But his plan didn't work out as well as he hoped since he still had to wait for her to get home from work so he sat in there home all day with her new husband Fred who didn't work today. He decided to piss of Fred by being a bitch but found this to be very difficult in his new body. It seemed that he also was affected mentally by the spell to so he knew he had to be careful not to forget who he was and he already was starting to think like his daughter. Before whenever he looked at his ex wife and her new husband he would get really angry. Now he just he felt as if they had done nothing wrong so Randy tried to make a run for it but was stopped by Isabelle who had just gotten home. This caused him to forget about what he was just doing as a wave of excitement washed over him causing him to squeal and give her a big hug. Isabelle returned the hug with another hug as she then started to cook dinner. Randy was surprised to see that dinner was salad but quickly dismissed that thought since he was a vegetarian right? No his daughter was but when he actually thought about it all he could remember was hating meat. So he just ate the food without saying a thing. Afterwards he went upstairs to his room. He felt like he should be doing something but he was way too tired to think so he layed down and quickly fell asleep. The next morning when the real Hannah got back she was surprised to find she had a new twin sister. Her mother just guessed her father tried to steal her back but instead got trapped inside his own daughter's body so she casted a spell making it as if she always had a twin sister named Gabbie. Now the two sisters were very happy to have someone so close they could always talk even about boys. This is them right before a party they were invited to. Gabbie is the shy one while Hannah couldn't wait to get there and meet some boys.
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September 17, 2016
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