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Step #3/3
The next morning Nick's parents got in there car and drove up to the school. When there they met a lady who introduced herself as Ms. Gabby and was the principal of this fine establishment. But nick's father wasted no time cutting to the chase as he was still upset over the last photo they had gotten hoping it was a joke. Ms. Gabby noted his rudeness as she told them to wait here as they went and got there child. When she came back with a girl both of them gasped as they soon realized it was Nick or Nicky as she soon told them to call her now. Nicky's mother smiled as she now had the pretty daughter she had always wanted but her father had the complete opposite happen to him as he wanted a boy not a girl especially not for his son to become his daughter. The ride back home was very quiet until Nicky asked her mother what perfume she was wearing upsetting her father as he turned the radio on for the rest of the ride. When back home he went straight up to his bedroom as the girls went to the living room to gossip. Nicky seemed happier than when she was nick and her mother knew this and decided to make sure she would stay her perfect daughter. But her father had a different plan as he hoped his son was still in there so he could return to normal old self. But as time went by Nicky's charm started to work its way on her father who was now starting to enjoy having a daddy's girl as a daughter. She seemed to always ask him for approval for something and he was starting to like being involved in her life and his wife noticed this as she was hoping he'd come around eventually. But what he didn't know was that soon he'd be getting on a bus just like the one Nick had gotten on tomorrow as Nicky and her mother had planned it. Nicky had lost her love for her husband months ago and now was seeing another man on the side. After seeing the work they did on her son she decided to see if they could make her another daughter out of her husband and they so happened to have a special program for this. So the next day they both waved goodbye to him as he left on a bus he thought was heading for some football camp. But all they knew was when he got back he would hate anything to do with sports as she would be just like her sister Nicky who's only athletic things she did was date boys and cheer for her school's basketball team. Nicki was happy with her new life and so was her mother as she would soon be getting married to a new man.
Step #2/3
Soon after getting the first picture there son Nick started to sound different but whenever they asked about it he would just tell them he was ok just had a lost his voice that's all. But after a week the problem just worsened making his parents actually worry about him. But he reassured them that he was just slightly under the weather but was still fine and having fun as he now had new classes. They all seemed to be exercise related but they didn't sound fun for a boy as they all seemed very feminine. His mother didn't think anything of it but his dad wondered why they were putting his son in these classes. Nick told him he would ask tomorrow and that he'd try to get them to change it before saying good night. The next day they got a call from the school who wanted to know what was wrong with the classes chosen for nick and his father told them that he didn't want some sissy boy which kinda upset his wife. They told him that everything was fine and that the classes where manly and that the nick was getting the best treatment possible. Soon after that they got another picture in the mail with the heading Phase #2 complete. The picture showed nick dressed in clothes that seemed feminine and what looked like breasts hanging off his chest. This shocked his parents and his father had decided enough was enough as he went to get his son out of the school deciding to do so the next day as he got ready for an early morning drive. But later that night they got a call telling them it was time for them to pick up nick tomorrow as he needed to finish his training in the outside world. His parents then went to bed as they had a big day in store for them tomorrow.
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